Amaretto Iced Coffee

Amaretto Iced Coffee


  • 01 C brewed coffee
  • 02 oz. amaretto
  • half and half – to taste
  • sugar – to taste
  • ice


Add all ingredients to a glass and stir.


8 thoughts on “Amaretto Iced Coffee

  1. I’ll make you a deal… make me one of those & we can call it even. Thanks for liking “dragonfly” photo. It has been so hot up here, I think I am back home in the South. I could use one (or 3 ) of those great sounding drinks. Unfortunately, I would be on my butt! Carmen Aida

      • I went to U.of S.C. I will definitely keep up with you. I lived down there for many years. C. Aida

      • That’s a HUGE move. I moved to CT & know how you feel. I’m from the South & they can be bothersome but very loving. Just give me a call if you need to talk. C. Aida
        p.s. sorry to hear about what’s going on with your home town:(

      • Thanks. Yeah, it’s pretty dismal. We just got back from vacationing there. The city is really making a comeback despite it’s financial situation. Hard to say what’s going to happen.

      • Home is originally Baltimore… Look how that city how got itself out of the wharf. Detroit is the “Motor City” like our city it will rise… don’t worry. Good music, great food, beautiful people… that’s ticket to success!!!
        Do stay in touch. I went to undergrad in Cola. and lived in Mt. Pleasant for two years. afterwards. My Mom lived down there forever. I can tell you so many so stories…. C.Aida


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